Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kashpirovsky could become a major new show on NTV.

Television channel NTV is preparing the premiere of a new talk show with the participation of Anatoly Kashpirovskogo, the Internet portal LIFE.RU, Monday, 16 February. The press service of NTV Lente.ru "it did not comment, citing the fact that" it is too early. "
As the LIFE.RU with reference to its sources in the company, Kashpirovsky will not conduct mass hypnosis sessions, which he spent in Soviet television. It will come to the studio, Russian celebrities and Kashpirovsky will hold their psychotherapy (Kashpirovsky has 25 years experience psychotherapist). LIFE.RU notes that guests will "let one's hair."
The date of the premiere of the portal is not telling. However, according to LIFE.RU, in the shooting of the new project has brought together singer and TV Lolita Miliavskaya as well as actor Michael Porechenkov.
Note Anatoly Kashpirovsky was widely known in the Soviet Union after 1989, he held several mass hypnosis sessions, giving viewers "install" to healing. In 2006, the Prosecutor's Office of Chelyabinsk attracted Kashpirovskogo administratively liable for the illegal occupation of traditional medicine.
Recall that in late January 2009 on NTV has already held a premiere. Sergei Minaev, author of "Duhless", "Media Sapiens" and "The Telkom started a weekly discussion show" Honest Monday.

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