Monday, February 16, 2009

"Our" accused "the New newspaper for libel for Alexiy II.

Activists of the youth movement" Nashi "charged edition of Novaya Gazeta in the defamation of the deceased in December 2008 Patriarch Alexy II. The site posted a statement the head of the movement of Orthodox body movement Boris Yakemenko, in which the "Novaya Gazeta" demand an apology to all veruyuschimi.Kak the agency "Interfax" in Monday, February 16 group of activists "our" event arranged by the wording of "Novaya Gazeta" in Moscow. It involved about 15 people who distributed leaflets and holding banners reading "Do not let insults the memory of the late Patriarch Alexy! and "Novaya Gazeta" - Sorry! ".
The reason for the charge of libel was the article "The pastor, multiplying flock," published in the issue of "Novaya Gazeta" of 8 December 2008.
According to Boris Yakemenko, "Our thought for slander patriarch" and more importantly: he was a "way of God on earth, blessing his name questionable government initiatives (such as the war in Chechnya), to fill the shortfall of legitimacy." In addition, activists believe lies contained in the article claim that Alexy II's successor will be elected under the control of Kremlya.Boris Yakemenko said that sent a letter to the editor with the apology, but received no response, the press, signed by the author is not Alexei Golovinskii article and not the principal editor Dmitry Muratov, editor of a department of "Culture" Olga Timofeeva. According to Yakemenko, he refused to apology on the grounds that "the text of the article read and understood correctly. Yakemenko argues that the movement" Nashi "has an expert opinion, which stated that the article contained defamatory.

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