Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kazakh newspaper temporarily closed for the disclosure of secret services.

The Court of Almaty has suspended production of "Alma-Ata info", which has published secret documents KNB (National Security Committee) regarding the investigation of several criminal cases. About Interfax reports with reference to the Fund for the protection of freedom of speech "Adil Soz".
This Court took a decision at the request of prosecutors. However, the request was granted in part: Prosecutor's Office sought to close a newspaper for three months and the court reduced that period to one month.
Recall that the correspondence of CBN newspaper published in November 2008. Shortly thereafter, the officers conducted a special edition of the search, seizing documents and equipment of the editorial.
Chief editor of the Alma-Ata Info Esergepov Ramadan refused to give testimony to representatives of CBN. He appealed to the U.S. Embassy to request political asylum but was refused. In early January 2009 Esergepov was arrested.

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