Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cult French magazine about cinema will publish the English.

The London-based publishing company Phaidon Press bought out the French newspaper Le Monde on the right edition of the famous film magazine Cahiers du Cinema ( "Cayes du Cinema", "film book"). As reported by The New York Times, publisher Phaidon Press has acquired the rights to the book division of Cahiers du Cinema.
Journal Cahiers du Cinema was founded in 1951 by critics Andre Bazenom, Jacques Doniol-Valkrozom and Joseph-Marie Lo Duc. In 1958-1963 years the magazine conducted the director, Eric Romero, one of the largest producers of "new wave". From the magazine worked Tryuffo François, Jean-Luc Godard, Claude Shabrol, Jacques Rivett.
In 1988, the company, which belonged to Cahiers du Cinema, the owners bought the Le Monde. In 1999, the magazine has radically changed the design, criticized by many readers. In April 2008, publishers of Le Monde declared that want to sell the Cahiers du Cinema.
Published by Phaidon Press specializes in the literature on art.

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