Friday, February 20, 2009

VGTRK Zyuganov refused the opportunity to make a "straight line".

VGTRK not give the Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov half the airtime, which was the prime minister, leader of United Russia, Vladimir Putin, during his "straight line" on 4 December. On receipt of the answer to query the Communist Party, as reported by Interfax, said the head of the legal service of Vadim Soloviev.
Recall, first, the Communist Party sent VGTRK request, to determine on what basis, Vladimir Putin, was granted more than three hours of airtime. The response stated that the broadcasts had been granted him as head of government, and not as the leader of United Russia. "
However, the Communist Party, given that in the preparation of Putin attended reception of United Russia, did not agree with this assessment. In the party believed that Putin's statement "was fifty-fifty as a leader in the 'United Russia', and Head of Government." Therefore, the Communists, and require half the airtime, which had a prime minister, leader of the Communist Party.
According to Vadim Soloviev, VGTRK response consists of two phrases. The first refers to the misunderstanding of how to assess the extent to which Putin has acted as a, as in the Communist Party did not request such an evaluation criteria. In the second sentence, as Solovyov told, it is alleged that the company will regularly cover the activities of all Russian political parties.
Communist Party had not yet decided whether to apply to the court or prosecutor's office in connection with the incident. The authorities should ensure equal access of parties to public media, in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 32 of the Law on Political Parties. "
According to VTsIOM, for Putin's speech on 4 December followed by nearly two-thirds of Russians. Premier answered over 70 questions, most of which dealt with economic problems.

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