Thursday, February 12, 2009

Igor Yakovenko, removed from his post as Secretary of the Union of Journalists.

Decision of the Federal Council, former Secretary General of the Journalists Union of Russia (WLN), Igor Yakovenko, removed from the secretariat of the organization. Decision adopted at the suggestion of the secretariat of WLN, Interfax reports and said that shortly Yakovenko may cease to work with WLN.
The Agency notes that the reasons for the decision does not set the secretariat. At the same time, according to ITAR-TASS, the basis for excluding Yakovenko was its failure to comply with decisions of the last in April 2008 8 WLN Congress to establish a Center for Media Development.
At the meeting of the Federal Council itself Yakovenko was absent, it was announced that he was in sabbatical. As the lawyers WLN, after Yakovenko from vacation will decide on its work in the Union of Journalists.
In an interview with the correspondent of "Interfax" Igor Yakovenko, expressed surprise at the decision. "I just learned about this decision, and for me is very strange what happened. However, until I find out the reasons for my findings and other circumstances such a decision, I can not comment specifically - he said.
In addition, Yakovenko reiterated that prior to February 28, is in the sabbatical, and those involved in projects that are implemented by the Center for Development of media and civil society. "I want to point out that the team that has always worked with me, she survived. But if my work continued in the WLN or not - it does not matter," - concluded Yakovenko.

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