Thursday, February 19, 2009

New York Post portrayed the author of the plan Obama rabid monkey.

In the latest issue of the newspaper New York Post on February 18 was published a cartoon, which editors were accused of racism. In the picture shot by police chimpanzees, many saw a hint at the U.S. president Barack Obama.
In the cartoon, drawn-known illustrator Sean Delonasom showing two police officers and shot by a monkey. One of the policemen said: "Now to look for another to create a plan for keeping the economy." Note that the economic stimulus plan amounting to 787 billion dollars, recently approved by the U.S. leadership, it was proposed by the administration of Barack Obama.
Plot to Delonasom figure was drawn from the recent news about how advertising was trained monkey attacked the owner. Summoned to the scene, police were unable to pacify the infuriated animal, and the chimpanzee had to shoot.
For explanation to the Editor New York Post, and personally to the artist approached a number of publications, in particular - Huffington Post, but no comments either from newspapers or from the cartoonist has not yet been reported.

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