Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Promotional American transmission does not reach Cubans.

Programs Radio Marti and the same channel, created by the U.S. government for the people of Cuba, looked less than 1 percent of 11 million inhabitants of the island, transfer agency UPI. This conclusion is contained in the report of the General Office SShA.Za more than 20 years of TV and Radio Marti has received from government funding of about $ 500 million, but Cuban authorities have all been successfully "jamming" signal, so the propaganda of Western values to the recipients are not income.
The report being subjected to criticism not only the effectiveness of television and radio, but the level of questionable transfers. In particular, the Office draws attention to the biased coverage of events, unverified information and "offensive and inflammatory language."
At Office of Cuba Broadcasting, TV and radio station management, noted that, in general, agree with the conclusions of the report, but rejected accusations of integrity. "We are very attentive to this. We are objective, informative, honest and weighed," - said the head of Pedro Roig (Pedro Roig).
Roig also questioned the objectivity of the methodology used for audience measurements of radio and TV Marti. He recalled that the independent sociological research in Cuba is not possible, a telephone survey with the Cubans are afraid of provocations and do not report the true state of affairs. In the Office of Cuba Broadcasting convinced that annual funding in the amount of TV and 34 million dollars to be retained.
The radio station Radio Marti was established in 1985 and in 1990 appeared the same channel, like a travel agent.

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