Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Americans have been watching TV for 151 hours per month.

The average American watches television for 151 hours per month. CNN reported, citing results of a study on the Nielsen Company, which covers October, November and December 2008 goda.V last quarter of 2007 the average U.S. resident is watching television 145 hours per month. According to experts from the Nielsen Company, the increase in the average television viewing time - a long-term trend associated with an increase in the number of televisions in every American home, the increasing diversity of cable channels, as well as the availability of the programmable devices that can record the transfer and watch them at convenient times.
The figure of 151 hours per month was a record for all years of conducting such studies. Grew as the average time viewing video on the Internet and on mobile devices. The growth has been negligible. Those who watch video online, on average, spend on it for three hours a month, while users of mobile devices - four hours.
Among the reasons for the increase in the average duration of viewing of TV programs, researchers called the presidential elections held in November of 2008, as well as the difficult economic situation, which many Americans prefer low-cost entertainment, such as viewing television at home.

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