Monday, February 16, 2009

In Russia, start analog channels Discovery and National Geographic.

   In April of 2009 in Russia a Russian analogue TV channels Discovery and National Geographic. This February 16, writes the newspaper Kommersant.
According to the publication, the new channel will be called the Russian Travel Guide (RTG TV). His run from satellite music channel, Bridge TV, which include the oil company "Burneftegaz. In RTG TV broadcast, viewers will see the transfer of Russian nature, architecture and history, set up studio Bridge Production. Programs will be broadcast six blocks, which will be repeated around the clock.
Creators RTG TV has reached an agreement on broadcasting in test mode with 70 Russian cable operators. Also talks about the broadcast channel in Asia, the Baltic States, Germany and Great Britain.
Investments in the draft RTG TV, as it became known "Kommersant", will be 40 million dollars. It was expected that the costs will pay off in four years. Experts interviewed by the newspaper argued that the amount of 40 million dollars is very high for pay-TV channel with its own content. According to some analysts, this money would be enough to create a federal channel.
Experts interviewed by the journalist of "Kommersant", believe that RTG TV is unlikely to come into the big cable networks and will be able to recoup the cost of four years. This is due to the fact that the Russian channel would not be able to compete with Discovery and National Geographic. This is now cable operators are trying to be economical, and can not agree to accept the costs associated with the introduction of the new channel.
Meanwhile, Russia's cable operators have recently announced that subscribers can disable a number of foreign channels, in particular, from the channel network Discovery. This is due to the high cost of content.

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