Monday, February 16, 2009

In the editorial "Samara newspaper looking for unlicensed software.

In the Community edition of" Samara newspaper, police are looking for unlicensed software. On the verification of the agency "Interfax" reported the newspaper director Sergei Kurt-Adzhiev.
According to him, the police checked the documentation, but have not yet declared their intention to withdraw the system unit. The Director is in the wording and waits for the network administrator.
Kurt-Adzhiev previously was editor in chief of the regional release of "Novaya Gazeta". In 2007, police confiscated from the publication of all computers and financial records, after which the edition was discontinued.
In July 2008, Kurt-Adzhiev was found guilty of using computers for drafting unlicensed software companies Microsoft and 1C and sentenced to a fine of 15 thousand rubles. Editor-in-chief did not agree with the verdict. He said that he has all the necessary documents and licenses, and prosecution is associated with their profession and that his daughter, Anastasia is an organizer of "March of dissent" in Samara.
The court is obliged to destroy all unlicensed software on computers seized from the "Novaya Gazeta" and return the equipment owner. Kurt-Adzhiev vowed to appeal the verdict.
In late 2008, Kurt-Adzhiev was appointed director of the Samara newspaper. In a number of regional media suggested that the publication is under the patronage of the mayor and the leader of the Samara regional branch of the party "Fair Russia" Victor Tarkhova.

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