Friday, February 27, 2009

In Malaysia, the journalists-Catholics allowed to use the word "Allah".

A Malaysian court has allowed the Catholic newspaper to use the word "Allah", the AFP on Friday, February 27.
Chief editor of a weekly Catholic newspaper The Herald Andrew Lawrence (Lawrence Andrew) told the agency that the newspaper can now print the word "Allah" on their pages. Initially, the conflict with the authorities there of the fact that God in the Malay language is called a Muslim or a Christian God. In December 2008, the Interior Ministry has banned a newspaper article printed in the Malay language.
The authorities insisted that the word "Allah" should not appear in the Catholic, that is, non-Muslim newspaper, because it offends the religious feelings of those who follow Islam. However, the court did not claim the Government to The Herald on the deprivation of the right edition for publishing. Andrew Lawrence of the court explained that Catholic priests throughout the ages have used the word "Allah" when translating the Bible into the Malay language to refer to the Christian concept of "God."
Note that 60 percent of the 27 millionth population of Malaysia - Muslim. The rest of the population are Roman Catholics and Buddhists.

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