Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pre-movie Communist Party had withdrawn because of suspicion of extremism.

The Election Commission of the region appealed to the Prosecutor's Office to verify the ether removed from the pre-roller for the content of the Communist Party of extremist statements. Reported Vedomosti.
The video, entitled "Do I need a field of monopoly of one party?" was shown on the air only once, after which a local TV show stopped him and asked for an explanation of izbirkom. President Vladimir oblizbirkoma Komatovsky at the CEC meeting on 18 February reported that the committee found video evidence of opposing groups on political grounds, and recommended that the TV "Vladimir" refrain from broadcasting.
As clarified at the Human Rights Center "Sova", consider the movie, it provides a brief negative comments of several people about the monopolistic power. In fact, according to the site, any particular party, "monopolized" the power of video is not mentioned.
In accordance with paragraph 5.2 of Article 56 of the Act on basic guarantees of electoral rights and the right to vote in the referendum of citizens of the Russian Federation "parties and candidates can not use the TV to" describe the possible negative consequences if a candidate is elected. " You are also prohibited from mentioning competitors' combined with the negative comments. "
Elections to the Legislative Assembly of the region will be held on March 1. This day will be elections for the parliaments of a number of other subjects of the federation, will conclude the campaign to elect the mayors of several cities and held municipal elections and referendums in some regions.

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