Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Revolver Magazine will celebrate the contribution of Ozzy Osbourne in the development of music.

The leader of the group Balck Sabbath Ozzy Osbourne will be the music prize, founded the magazine Revolver, which covers the events of hard rock and heavy metal scene. That was reported by Blabbermouth. The musician will be marked for his contribution to music. The first ever awards ceremony Epiphone Revolver Golden Gods Awards will be held April 7 in Los Angeles.
Television MTV2 will run a series of stories on the service of Epiphone Revolver Golden Gods Awards. The program of heavy music "Headbangers Ball" MTV2 will present the nominated shows and actors. According to the editor of Revolver, organizers Epiphone Revolver Golden Gods Awards is very pleased that they managed to enlist the support channel.
It was expected that at a ceremony in Los Angeles made by metal-Kor group Killswitch Engage, their All That Remains, hardcore punk band Hatebreed, as well as other groups, a list which will be announced. At the event invited the leader of Lemma Motorhead Kilmister, party groups Tool and A Perfect Circle Maynard James Keenan, one of the founders of the project Dethklok (metal band from the cartoon "Metalokalipsis) Brandon Small and other musicians.

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