Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The famous British TV series will lose the White characters.

British television channel BBC on Wednesday will show a series of soap opera "The inhabitants of the East End" (EastEnders), all characters will be black. This February 25, writes The Daily Mail.
In this series of actions will occur mostly in the homes of families and Trumenov Fox (black heroes of the series), but even in those episodes, which are happening in public places, appears no white actor.
The journalists managed to explore the scenario of the series. Reported that the characters use the word "color" and "Negro" and discuss on the topic of racism in modern Britain.
Previously published series of men of the East End, which show only the characters of Asian descent, as well as a series in which there were no men. Series only with black heroes out for the first time.
Series "Living in the East End" is on the BBC since 1985. During this time, it was shown more than 3700 series.

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