Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Georgia and the Arab company buys "Imedi".

SyuzhetyBorba of "Imedi" 20.02.2009Inna Gudavadze asked Saakashvili to return to her "Imedi" The struggle for succession Patarkatsishvili20.02.2009Keyu prohibited to dispose of property PatarkatsishviliGruzinskaya TV company "Imedi" sold to Georgia-Arab Investment Company RAK Georgia Holding, Interfax reports. The deal is not called.
The previous owner of "Imedi" Joseph Kay said that had sold 90 percent shares of the company, leaving at 10 percent. He explained the desire to bargain "damages the company that it has suffered in recent months."
RAK Georgia Holding - a joint venture in which the Arab parties participating developer Rakeen. In Georgia, an enterprise, according to the Georgian Business Week, has received, in particular the right to manage the port of Poti for a period of 49 years. In addition, in June 2008 Rakeen has leased Mtatsmindsky Park, located in Tbilisi (the park, as reported by Georgian media, at the end of 2007 was confiscated from Badri Patarkatsishvili by Georgian authorities).
Recall that Imedi was founded by Georgian businessman Badri Patarkatsishvili. Television has become the leading opposition media of Georgia. In 2007, Patarkatsishvili, conflict with the authorities of the country, handed action "Imedi" in the management of News Corporation Rupert Murdoch.
In November 2007, after the protests in Tbilisi, the Georgian special forces defeated the studio "Imedi". Much of the equipment was destroyed. TV is back on the air only in May 2008, though he now only broadcast entertainment programs.
After the death of Patarkatsishvili was expected that the "Imedi" would come under the control of his widow Inna Gudavadze. However, their right to a TV suddenly showed half-brother the late Joseph Kay. Representatives of the Georgian opposition accused him of fraud and collusion with the Georgian authorities that are interested in to get rid of the opposition channel.
Attempts Gudavadze Inna and her lawyers to return the TV has not yet yielded results.

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