Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ukraine banned "erotic" series "Happy Together".

National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio banned the display in the country a series of "Matryoshkas to cover" television series "Happy Together" by recognizing its erotic nature of the products, using images of minors. Reported "Rusbalt-Ukraine", with reference to the press service department.
The conclusion of the existence of elements of eroticism in the subject series of offered Natssovetu expert commission on the protection of public morals.
In the series Matryoshkas to cover "describes the relationship between the son of the hero Genes Bukina Roma and girls Natasha, who actually once had an operation to change sex.
At the end of January 2009 Natssovet recommended that all national TV channels not to broadcast programs, films and serials that violate the law in the protection of public morals. The list of unwanted software, among other hit series "Simpsons", the transfer of "Comedy Club", "Postscript," exhibit, "Eyewitness," "The most famous Ukrainian maniacs."
1 November 2008 entered into force a ban Natssoveta to rebroadcast some Russian TV channels, including the "First Channel", REN TV, RTR-Planeta and TVCI. Later, "First Channel" has been granted temporary permission to broadcast.

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