Thursday, February 26, 2009

Estonian agency searched the office of the Russian-language newspaper.

Morning of February 26, members of the Security Police (the Estonian secret service) came with a search in Tallinn Russian-language edition of the newspaper "News of the day." This was reported on the website edition. As the newspaper writes, the secret service refused to explain, with a search.
According to the deputy chief editor of Vesti Day Tatyana Merkulova, which quotes the portal, a search conducted by three persons, which was accompanied by the representative of the owner of the newspaper. None of the journalists they were not interrogated. As the DELFI, officials "were looking for something in computers." About an hour later they left the editorial office.
Later, the public prosecutor Gerrit Myaesalu reported that a search conducted in the context of criminal proceedings related to bribery in Tallinn administration. In this same case, as reported February 26, was arrested a deputy of Tallinn town meeting Elmar Sepp. According to Interfax, he is a member of the fund financing the newspaper "News of the day."
According to the Estonian media, law enforcement authorities suspect that a fund Juri Vilmsi Sihtkapital, which sponsors "To date, the money pumped Estonian Centrist Party (the party leader Edgar Savisaar is the mayor of Tallinn).
Meanwhile, Chief Editor Alexander Chaplygin, commenting on the situation, said that "News of the day" is not a centrist party. In his opinion, the reason for the search could become dissatisfied mood authorities opposition newspapers.

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