Monday, February 16, 2009

"Fergana.Ru" win Russian xenophobia pilaf recipes.

The site of Uzbek news "Fergana.Ru" started the project "Bill", aimed at combating xenophobia in Russia. As the authors of the project, due to several factors, the Russians began to relate to people from Asia ", with a touch disgust and hostility, which comes from the fact that Russia badly know Asian culture.
Eliminate cultural illiteracy Russians "Fergana" is planned to be published on the cultural developments in Russia, one way or another connected with Asian countries. Among them - concerts, theatrical performances, exhibitions and so on.
  In addition, the creators of "Posters" have promised to share with readers recipes pilaf and other traditional dishes from Asia. Note that currently on the main page of "Posters" Fergana "published" the most stupid "pilaf recipe, taken from a women's magazine. Prepare pilaf recipe for this edition of "Fergana" categorically not recommended.

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