Friday, February 27, 2009

Alexander Lebedev in Moscow to open an English radio station.

Russian businessman Alexander Lebedev, a recent owner of a British newspaper Evening Standard, is going to open an English-speaking radio station in Moscow. This businessman told in an interview with The Guardian, which published on Friday 27 February.
Lebedev also intends to distribute copies of the Moscow Evening Standard. In an interview with The Guardian said the entrepreneur, that is not going to buy another British newspaper - The Independent. Note that the British media earlier reported that the Lebedev is planning to buy The Independent.
In an interview with Alexander Lebedev, is also a co-owner of Novaya Gazeta ", was of the opinion that his growing MediaBusiness gives him the opportunity to make a criticism of the policies pursued by the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. "I do not think it will be satisfied ... But what he can do with newspapers or television, covering its activities", - quoted businessman The Guardian. "I'm not a politician" - said Lebedev.
  It will be named the new radio station, and when to start a new project, the businessman did not specify.

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