Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Israeli Prime Minister apologized for a joke on Jesus and Mary.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has formally apologized for the jokes participants talk show on Israeli TV Channel 10, which offended Christians, and led to protests from the Vatican, transmit BBC News.

"I condemn remarks made during the television program - Olmert said at a government meeting on February 23. - I am sorry about what happened, the more that these comments hurt the Christian minority in Israel."

During the popular Tonight Show, which is an Israeli comedian Lior Shlayn, there were a few jokes about the Virgin Mary and Jesus, among other things, that Mary became pregnant at 15 year of classmates, but he could not walk on water because of excess weight.

Members of the Assembly of Catholic Bishops in the Holy Land, called the joke Shlayna "heinous attack" on Christ and the Virgin. Several Christian priests, Pope Benedict XVI called on to abandon the planned visit to Israel.

For its part, Lior Shlayn said that the regrets about what happened. However, he noted that this could be a "lesson" to Christians who deny the Holocaust.

Shlayn hinted at a conservative Catholic priest, Richard Williamson (Richard Williamson), who has publicly stated that in the Nazi concentration camps were not murdered 6 million Jews, and 200 or 300 thousand, and that none of them died in the gas chamber. Of particular resonance Williamson gave a speech the fact that in January 2009, Pope Benedict XVI lifted the previously imposed excommunication on priests and returned it to the bosom of the Catholic Church.

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