Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rupert Murdoch personally apologized for the cartoon with the monkey.

KommentariiObezyani strasti20.02.2009V cartoons of the insane chimpanzee saw insult Barak ObamyMedia-tycoon Rupert Murdoch on Tuesday personally apologized for the publication in a newspaper he owned New York Post cartoon of a dead monkey. In this figure, against the economic policy of the new U.S. administration, critics have seen racist insults at Barack Obama - the first in the history of U.S. black president.
"Today I want to personally apologize to every reader who is hurt or offended," - says Murdoch in a statement published on the website New York Post. Earlier edition of the newspaper published an apology, noting that the scandal surrounding caricatures of the monkey exploited by enemies Post.
At last Wednesday published illustration cartoonist Sean Delonasa (Sean Delonas) depicts a dead monkey and two policemen, one of whom has just shot an animal, while another said: "For the next plan to stimulate the economy will have to find someone else."
At the core of the plot of figure - a real incident in Connecticut, where trained chimp attacked a woman and was shot by police. Murdoch, in his statement stressed that no racist intent of the editorial cartoonist, and was not, and promised to be more wary of "sensitive areas" of American society.

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