Wednesday, February 25, 2009

British parents are required to remove from the leading one-ether.

In Britain, a group of parents were indignant at the emergence of children's channel "Bi-Bi-Bi" leading with one hand, reported ABC News on Tuesday, 24 February.
29-year-old Kerry Barnell (Cerrie Burnell) in January 2009 began to work for a leading children's channel CBeebies. Barnell was born without a right hand. As a corporation "Bi-Bi-Bi" asked a few parents from the requirement to remove lead from the ether. In their view, children are afraid to watch the transfer with the Kerry Barnell. One father wrote that his children "will soon begin nightmares, and the mother of one girl wrote that her daughter all the time, thinks that" sick aunt. "
The position of "Bi-Bi-Bi" was formulated clearly: Barnell remain on the air, because "it was a good lead and loves children."
As noted by ABC News, the treatment group of parents led, in turn, outraged at the British human rights activists, who accused the parents of discrimination. Was taken from the defenders and for the tabloid headlines such as "one-leading to death, scared children."
Leading reproaches itself named in his address "the view of the limited people," because children with disabilities and their parents are also watching that channel. "Parents of children with disabilities may use me as an excuse for tactful interviews with children about their diseases," - explained Barnell.
The Times columnist Carol Midzhli (Carol Midgley) published on Wednesday, February 25, a review of parental messages on the forum channel CBeebies. In the last month of Internet discussion about the new leadership was the main on-site.
It is noted that some posts had been removed by moderators, as they were frankly obscene and offensive. Nevertheless, most parents were in favor of Kerry Barnell. According to the author of The Times, the parents, first and foremost, is to focus more on raising their children and not spend all the time on the internet for discussion of disability leading.

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