Friday, February 27, 2009

Because of the crisis, the American newspaper is not lived up to its 150 anniversary.

Published in Colorado from 1859 newspaper The Rocky Mountain News will be closed due to its unprofitability in a financial crisis, AFP reported on 26 February.
The website edition on Thursday had added a letter head of the company EW Scripps Co, which owns the newspaper, Rich Slaughterhouses (Rich Boehne), which he called The Rocky Mountain News "victim of change in the industry and the enormous economic difficulties." Friday is the last issue of the newspaper in its history. To celebrate its 150 th anniversary, it did not have just two months.
In 2008, the newspaper had losses amounting to 16 million dollars, after which it was announced that it had offered for sale. In January, the newspaper owners were negotiating with possible buyer, but the deal did not materialize, as interested in buying the party was unable to offer "a viable plan for" reform of the publication.
Over the past decade, journalists have been awarded four Pulitzer Prizes.

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