Monday, February 16, 2009

Chicago Tribune newspaper, declared war on corruption in Illinois.

Chicago Tribune newspaper has declared war on corruption, which suffers from Illinois. In the editorial of Sunday's newspaper proclaimed the beginning of the campaign against the culture of political grubbiness.
Currently, ex-Illinois Governor George Ryan is serving a prison term for corruption, and his successor, Rod Blagojevic ousted from his post and waiting for the court. In this edition of the publication stresses that it is precisely a corrupt "culture" and not only on individual high-profile crimes.
"At every politician trying to sell in the U.S. Senate, there are hundreds of others who use us for personal or political gain," - says the article. As a result, the harmful effects of corruption was subjected to all 12 million people of Illinois. In the Chicago Tribune believes that the perpetrators of this situation are the citizens themselves, who are not sufficiently strict asked by their elected representatives.
In particular, Chicago Tribune plans to combat the secrecy authorities of different levels, detailed, formal decisions, as well as to state legislators from the real reform of the administrative apparatus, which is believed to read as unduly razrossya simply be impregnated corruption.

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