Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shut down the most popular news site in Azerbaijan.

One of the most popular online news resources of Azerbaijan Day.Az closed and will not work for the second day.
The site is not just closed, the information about it is removed from the DNS-servers. The English version of the project ( reports that the project is closed. Thus version of the technical problems was not confirmed.
As IA REGNUM, with reference to a "competent source" site is the agency temporarily blocked "for political reasons related to the publication of the interview, which affects certain Russian subjects."
Currently, there are just two 'political' version of the closure of the site: for the posting of information on the economic downturn, and for publishing an interview of Boris Berezovsky, in which he praised unflattering about Vladimir Putin.
This information circulated on the fall in GDP of Azerbaijan State Statistics Committee, and reprints the interview is still available on some Russian sites that continue to operate.
Azerbaijan Radio Liberty said that "the actual owner of the site is a member of parliament of Azerbaijan Anar Mamedhanov. In an interview with radio station he said he is updating the equipment Day.Az, and within a week the site should work again.
In turn, ANS agency notes that the site editor Elnur Baimov telephone calls is not responsible. Screen telephone calls editorial staff reported that the site is closed and the wording of any except it does not.
It is noteworthy that among the Azerbaijani bloggers dominate the thought that the site was closed for freedom.

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