Friday, February 20, 2009

Jokes on Israeli television insulted Catholics.

Representatives of the Roman Catholic Church demanded that the Israeli comedian Lior Shlayn apologized to Christians for the jokes made in the broadcast TV Channel 10, tells AFP.
The report, circulated the members of the Assembly of Catholic Bishops in the Holy Land, jokes Shlayna called the "heinous attack" on the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. The bishops stated that this is another case in a series of permanent attacks on Christians in Israel and called on authorities to launch investigations.
Among the outraged Catholic jokes was scene in which Maria Joseph acknowledged that she had many men, a statement that she "became pregnant at 15 years of the same class, as well as the statement that caused the death of Jesus became overweight, out - for which he could not walk on vode.Ranee Christian priest called Pope Benedict XVI to postpone a visit to Israel, scheduled for May. Lior Shlayn bishops sent a letter with a proposal to apologize for these jokes on the air.

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