Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The case of the murder of Ilya Zimin review de novo.

SyuzhetyUbiystvo Ilya Zimina24.02.2009Delo of murder aimed at peresmotrDelo the murder of Russian journalist Ilya Zimin sent for review. According to Interfax, the decision on Tuesday, February 24, adopted the Supreme Court of Justice of Moldova. Date of the hearing has not yet been named, is known only that they will be held in the Appeals Chamber of the Moldovan city of Balti.
Remember, the murder of the journalist of NTV television channel Zimina citizen accused of Moldova Igor Velchev. In December 2007, the Moldovan city Ocnita court found him innocent. In April 2008 the Appeals Chamber in Balti acquittal left in place.
Supreme Court of Justice, however, concluded that the court "there are some ambiguities." Case sent for review to clarify.
Ilya Zimin was killed in their Moscow apartment on 26 February 2006. In June the same year in Moldova on suspicion of committing this crime, was arrested Velchev. According to investigation, Zimin met with this man prior to death and invited him to visit. The prosecution contended that the quarrel broke out between men and severely beaten Velchev Zimina, who died from his injuries.
Moldovan authorities did not want Russia to extradite the suspect and decided to try it at home.

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