Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Founder of the Islamic TV channel in the U.S. beheaded his wife.

The founder of the Muslim TV channel in the United States admitted that beheaded his own wife. CNN notes that the cable channel Bridges TV, broadcasts in the New York State, was established Muzammilom Hassan (Muzzammil Hassan), to overcome in the minds of viewers negative stereotypes about Islam.
Decapitated body Aasii Hassan (Aasiya Hassan) was found in a room studios Bridges TV, which is in Orkard Park, City of Buffalo. On Thursday Muzammil Hassan was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. Previously, the deceased, who in January has filed papers for divorce, complained to the police for acts of violence by a spouse.
As the chief of police Orkard-Benz Park Andrew (Andrew Benz), Hassan appeared voluntarily at the police station and made a confession. The details do not matter Benz reported a comment from a lawyer and relatives of killers to journalists obtain. From murdered his wife in Hassan, two children aged 4 and 6 years old, have two children, 17 and 18 years, he has from a previous marriage.
We know that Aasiya as her husband was involved in the creation of Bridges TV, and worked on the TV. Bridges TV was founded in 2004, it is intended as the first English language cable television service for the Muslims living in the U.S., and the aim of the project known as the overcoming of negative attitudes towards Muslims, created after the attacks of September 11, 2001. In connection with the murder of Hassan administration Aasii TV said the "shock and sadness."
Local newspaper The Buffalo News reported on Tuesday that some advocates of women tied up the murder of Hassan Aasii religious and cultural affiliations of her family. Marcia Pappas (Marcia Pappas), president of the National Organization for women (National Organization for Women), said: "It is obvious that this terrorist version of" honor killings ", rooted in cultural beliefs about the subordination of women to men."
Pappas noted that acts of domestic violence to all cultures, but stressed that Muslim women more difficult to make these acts in the public domain. Human rights activist also expressed regret that the recent murder did not receive sufficient coverage in the national media: it happened in one day collapse in the Buffalo suburb of passenger aircraft, which resulted in the deaths of 50 people.

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