Thursday, February 12, 2009

Indian journalists arrested for insulting Muslims.

Publisher and editor of the Indian newspaper The Statesman was arrested yesterday in Calcutta, for insulting the religious feelings of Muslims, says the British publication The Independent on Thursday, 12 February.
Publisher Ravindru Kumar (Ravindra Kumar) and the editor of Ananda Sinha (Anand Sinha) is accused of deliberately insulting the religious feelings of Muslims because they are on 5 February January material reprinted from the newspaper The Independent, entitled "Why should I respect the despotic religion?". The author notes the view that people around the world are gradually deprived of the right to criticize religion. What punishment threatens journalists, did not specify.
Since the publication of the Muslim community in Calcutta held several rallies to demand the arrests of journalists. Initially, rallies were peaceful, but by 9 February, they turned into riots. Muslims blocked the entrance to the building stood. The newspaper had to seek the assistance of the police to get to work.
It is noted that after the arrest of journalists disturbances ceased.

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