Friday, February 27, 2009

"First Channel" and VGTRK promised not to dismiss employees.

Guide "First Channel" and VGTRK promised during the crisis did not reduce its staff. Instead, the channel decided to cut the technical costs, reports RIA Novosti.
In particular, the deputy general director of "First Channel" Kirill Kleimenov at the conference "MediaBusiness" organized by the newspaper Vedomosti, said that the channel reduces the cost of travel. "If the crews were in the same conditions in the mission, you will live a little in others" - he said.
Talking about the number of issues that go on the air and their capacity Kleimenov stated that the reduction of speech is not yet under way. "This last, which will give the company", - he added.
However Kleimenov noted that the revenue the channel affected by the reduction of advertising. In these circumstances, he said, "First Channel" could lose a substantial part of domestic content, and will borrow the foreign, which are much cheaper.
For its part, the editor in chief of the Russian information channel Vesti Dmitry Mednikov said VGTRK also not going to cut its staff. According to him, VGTRK reduces the use of satellites, as well as compositions crews, poison in the business.
In addition, Mednikov said that during the crisis channel "Russia" is much easier to produce quality films that he believes will help the revival of Russian cinema.

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