Thursday, February 26, 2009

The reporter of "Kommersant" suspected of preparing provocations in the elections in Tatarstan.

Staff GUVD of Samara Oblast on 25 February detained the correspondent of the newspaper "Kommersant" Maxim Kalach, Interfax reports. After prophylactic conversation ", as described the detention of a journalist the police, an employee of" Kommersant "was released. Sam Maxim Kalach said that law enforcement authorities suspect him of preparing provocations in the elections to the State Council of Tatarstan, to be held on March 1.
According Kalach know that he was arrested the day near the wording "Kommersant" in Samara. "They asked me to go to an interview, not explaining the reasons for his request. I have refused them, after which they were room, I hand cut the coat and began to pull on the street" - said the journalist. He added that the office called him the reason for the detention and said that "from the department UBOP Tatarstan, Samara police arrived orientation," according to which Kalach suspected of preparing provocations. They, found in the police, a correspondent asked to organize a candidate for the deputy State Council of Tatarstan Irek Murtazin.
Maxim Kalach said that police suspected unfounded. According to the journalist, it truly was invited to act as observers at the elections in Tatarstan to go but he did not intend to. Kalach said that in one day with his arrest the police came to the editor of Kommersant in Samara "Andrei Fyodorov. Law enforcement officials asked not to let Fyodorova Kalach in Tatarstan, which were refused.
In Samara region GUVD information about the detention Kalach confirmed, but no details of what happened (with the exception that occurred above "preventative talks") have not led.
Irek Murtazin, which could be related detention of journalist Kommersant, run in place a deputy State Council of Tatarstan. Currently Murtazin, previously held the post of press secretary chapter of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev, is under investigation. Murtazina accused of libel, violation of privacy, head of the republic and inciting hatred. The criminal case brought Murtazina after it in his blog published untrue message about the death of Shaimiyev.

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