Monday, February 9, 2009

Strengthened the protection of the chief editor of "Himkinskoy the truth".

SyuzhetyPokushenie to Glavred "Himkinskoy government 26.01.2009Zhurnalist Michael Beketov again transferred to the resuscitation
  Protection of the hospital chief editor of Pravda Himkinskaya "Michael Beketov enhanced, the 9 February agency" Interfax ".
Office for the Protection of witnesses is protected Beketov since late November. According to the lawyer Beketov Stalin Gurevich, a motion to strengthen the protection granted a new investigator, incorporated in the investigation into the beating of a journalist. Gurevich added that she also asked law enforcement authorities not to allow anyone to Beketov, except his ex-wife. However, it will be executed and whether the request is not yet known.
Michael Beketov was beaten in November 2008. Since then, doctors had to amputate the hands of a journalist with the fingers, lower leg, as well as an operation to remove fragments of bone marrow. Now Beketov remained at the institute named Sklifosovskogo, but as soon as possible, according to Stalin Gurevich, he could be transferred to the hospital of Burdenko.
The investigation describes the beating of the chief editor of "Himkinskoy the truth" as attempted murder. Beketov colleagues believe that the attack relates to the professional activities of journalists. Beketov regularly criticized the City of Khimki, in particular, in recent times, he actively fought against the planned felling Himkinskogo forest.
In early 2008 against Beketov was prosecuted for defamation for Himok Mayor Vladimir Strelchenko. In this case, Beketov defending lawyer Stanislav Markelov, which killed 19 Jan., 2009. Gurevich Stalin claimed that the death of a lawyer could not be linked to his performance as defense Beketov. However, for the murder Markelova called in for questioning leader of the movement to protect forests Himkinskogo Eugene Chirikova.

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