Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Radio, "says Moscow" was accused of censorship because of a malfunction in the air.

Activists Yabloko accused the radio station ", says Moscow in censored after the broadcast of the program was suspended in the air party member who spoke. Representatives of radio stations have rejected accusations of censorship and said that the broadcast interrupted for technical reasons, reports RIA Novosti.
Broadcast radio stations, "says Moscow" disrupted the morning of 16 February. According to Yabloko, broadcast stopped when the air was the "views of the parties." Located in a studio executive secretary politkomiteta party Galyna Mikhaleva talked about corruption in the higher echelons of power. As soon as she called Moscow's largest bank, whose board of directors attended by representatives of United Russia and the members of the Moscow government, broadcasting, say representatives of Yabloko, was interrupted.
Recording of the "Views of the parties, posted on the website" Moskva.FM, indeed, was suspended immediately after Mikhaleva spoke about the bank "Moscow Mortgage Company." After several seconds of silence in the air has become a sound program of spelling and the transfer of fishing.
Representatives of the radio station said that the broadcast was interrupted from 07:42 to 11:59. This happened due to technical malfunction. Editor in Chief, "says Moscow Nikolai Yaremenko said that has failed to deliver the signal from the broadcast studio to Balashikha, from being retransmitted. And the responsibility for the incident rests with the partner radio station - operator "Comcor" added Yaremenko. He stressed that in the near future will repeat the radio transmission interrupted entirely.

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