Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Leonid Bershidsky announced the launch of online media, "Elephant".

   The former general director of holding company "KIT Finance" Leonid Bershidsky announced the launch of a new internet business media, "Elephant" ( "on-line news service). Announcement posted on the site new publications on your blog Leonid Bershidskogo.
Bershidsky stated that the wording of "Elephant" intends to move in the Internet environment of professionalism inherent in paper-based business media. Readers are promised to show some new ways of information presentation (for details Bershidsky has not yet been announced). Prior to the May 2009 edition will run in test mode.
Bershidskogo In addition, the team's new edition includes Dmitri Kuznetsov, previously worked in the "Gazette" and the journal "Russian Newsweek", one of the founders of the newspaper "Vedomosti" and the journal "Russian Newsweek" Alexander Gordeev, a former chief editor of Business Week Olga Romanova, a former employee "Vedomosti", "Russian Newsweek" and SmartMoney Yuri Granovsky and other journalists. The main shareholders of "Elephant" - the general producer of the radio station "Silver Rain" Sindeeva Natalia and her husband, former director general of the bank "KIT Finance" Alexander Vinokurov.
According to Bershidskogo, the editors of "Elephant" will have no office. The team will conduct an experiment to create a full-fledged edition, which will communicate with each other mainly virtually.
Leonid Bershidsky worked for the company "KIT Finance" until the autumn of 2008. Prior to that, he was chief editor of SmartMoney, editor of the newspaper "Vedomosti" and publisher of Russian-language versions of magazines Newsweek and Forbes.

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