Friday, February 20, 2009

The New York Times settled a lawsuit Washington lobbistki.

The American newspaper The New York Times out of court to settle the dispute with Washington lobbyists Vikki Aysman (Vicki L. Iseman), who accused the publication of libel. As reported in the Friday newspaper, the dispute settled without monetary payment.
In December Aysman filed a lawsuit against The New York Times in connection with the publication February 21, 2008 article on the links lobbistki with presidential candidate from the Republican Party of John McCain. The newspaper, in particular, suggested that in 1999, during his first presidential campaign, McCain has maintained a close relationship with Aysman, which evolved into the novel. The amount of the claim, as reported by Reuters, was 27 million dollars.
While insisting in The New York Times, the February article was primarily devoted to the ethics of public officials and their relations with lobbyists, primarily critics saw the publication of a sexual scandal. As readers of the newspaper announced on the basis of the settlement of the claim that article does not incriminate Aysman in a romantic relationship with McCain or unethical lobbying clients.
The New York Times from its publication does not refuse, and executive editor Bill Keller (Bill Keller) has expressed confidence that the newspaper would be able to defend one's case in court. Outlined his vision dispute lawyers Aysman able to publish on the website of the newspaper.

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