Friday, February 13, 2009

Union of Journalists called the cause of the dismissal of Igor Yakovenko.

Union of Journalists of Russia (WLN) named Igor Yakovenko, the reasons for withdrawing from the post of Secretary of the organization, wrote on Feb. 13, on Friday, the publication of "Kommersant". Recall that, Yakovenko was relieved of his post of the Federal Council decision of 12 February.
WLN Chairman Vsevolod Bogdanov said Yakovenko was removed from the Secretariat because it failed to meet its commitments to the creation of the center of media, which has assumed since the 8 th Congress of Association, held in April 2008.
In addition, Bogdanov said Yakovenko use of resources for private purposes: he became a co-founder of several businesses engaged in various media. Kommersant lists of Media Regions "(organization of exhibitions of regional media)," Public Expertise "(accounting for rating media projects), School of Contemporary Journalism (staff of Russian mass media), a publication of the" newspaper "(GZT.RU) also indicates and "Mediasoft (providing media licensed software).
"Newspaper" (GZT.RU) calls and the third reason for dismissal Yakovenko. In an interview with the chairman WLN said Yakovenko, who until April 2008 served as general secretary of the Union, was dismissed as no longer interested in the activities of the organization and disappeared out of sight of its employees.
"Since mid-November, he stopped appearing on the work. When we were able to reach him, he passed through the proxy statement for the holidays. When it ended, we got the second - on the creative. Then we started to be interested in what was being done in the center, and found that, in addition to the plate, nothing, "- the newspaper quoted Bogdanova.
In an interview with the publication of WLN Chair stated that the offices "Mediasoft" and "Media Regions" are placed on the area allocated to the Center of media. "Newspaper" (GZT.RU), quoting Yakovenko, who, in turn, argues that open them to the company are part of the Center. In addition, he stressed that the establishment of the organization was a necessary measure because of their successful activities of the Center.
In an interview with the publication of "Kommersant" Yakovenko said that he found the true reason for dismissal of their political views. "Guide WLN led Vsevolod Bogdanov swear allegiance to the leadership of the country, literally saying that likes the current president and his predecessor. My position is clear: the Union must remain an independent entity" - the newspaper quoted Yakovenko. He noted that it intends to continue to work, but outside of WLN.

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