Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In Jamaica banned songs about sex and violence.

Commission on Television and Radio Jamaica has issued a ban on playing songs in the texts that mention sex, violence, arson, reported The Guardian.
According to the text of regulations prohibiting the broadcasting "any record, praising the use of firearms or other weapons, as well as personal injury - murder, rape, arson."
The new ruling extends the ban on the region compared to the same document, adopted on 6 February. Playing the songs using the sounds ( "bipov") for the damping of non-legislative words in songs are now also considered to be illegal.
Measures taken by the Commission, are part of the authorities to fight against the new phenomenon of club culture - "deggeringa" ( "daggering"). The word "deggering", formed from the "dagger" - "a dagger" can be translated as "Tychkov. Fashion phenomenon is a dance that simulates coition.
According to the Jamaican authorities, the increase in popularity "deggeringa" provoked by the songs about sex and violence. Under the ban, many hit songs of the Jamaican singer Mr. Vegas, whose song "Daggering" gave the name of the phenomenon, but a clip on it became a tool for novice enthusiasts a new dance.

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