Friday, February 20, 2009

In Khimki detained opposition newspaper distributors.

SyuzhetyPokushenie to Glavred "Himkinskoy truth" 09.02.2009Usilena Guard chief editor of Pravda Himkinskoy "
   In Khimki detained two distributors of the opposition newspaper "Pravda Himkinskaya alive", reported on 20 February agency "Interfax" referring to the leader of the movement "Protecting forests Himkinskogo Eugene Chirikova.
According to Chirikova, father and son Nikolayeva free newspaper distributed in the streets of the city. While the opposition was in possession of a contract for the distribution, they were detained by police without explanation.
In the law enforcement agencies this information has not yet commented.
In November of 2008 in Khimki had been beaten by the chief editor of Pravda Himkinskaya Michael Beketov. He is still in hospital. Beketov often criticized the city government, in particular, he actively opposed the felling of forests Himkinskogo.

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