Friday, February 27, 2009

Shvydkoi proposed to dissolve the Academy of Russian Television.

President of the Academy of Russian Television (ART) Mikhail Shvydkoi in an interview with Kommersant, published on Friday, February 27, talked about the threat of disruption of national competition TEFI 2009. As a way to overcome the crisis ART Shvydkoi called dissolution teleakademii.
According to Shvydkoi, who headed the Academy in October 2008, negotiations between the founders of ART on the new rules of work of the academy. According to the President of ART, one way to eliminate the differences between the founders would be the dissolution of the organization. "I think that you can teleakademiyu pereuchredit again and expand the number of academy members to 1,5-2 thousand people. And before that, say, declare" zero option ", ie the dissolution. But it will not mean that the new academy not include those who had it before, who has done and is doing television, "- said in an interview with the publication of Mikhail Shvydkoi.
Also, according to Shvydkoy to ART is now "critical issue" is a declaration of a national contest TEFI-2009. The goal is that the beginning of the collection of applications for participation in the contest will begin in late April. However, according to Shvydkoi, if prior to May meeting of the founders, which must be worked out new rules for TEFI not take place, the teleakademiya could cease to exist.
Remember, the main unresolved problem of ART was held in 2007, the output of the founders of the TV channels NTV and TNT. Shvidkoi in an interview with "Kommersant" expressed the view that the holding company VGTRK is unlikely to be involved in TEFI if NTV and TNT will not return to the organization. Meanwhile, according to Shvydkoi, director of NTV, Vladimir Kulistikov previously stated that in 2009 the return of the founders of NTV ART not happen.

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