Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Classic "New Journalism" was awarded the prize shelf.

One of the most prestigious U.S. journalism awards - the George Shelf Award for his contribution to the profession - in 2009 awarded Gaya Thalys (Gay Talese), one of the founders of the "new journalism", the author of books " Thy Neighbor's Wife "(" neighbor's wife ") and" Honor Thy Father "(" Honor thy father "), informs Associated Press.
Thalys began his career in the newspaper The New York Times as a messenger, then became a reporter and columnist. Fame he had published in magazines The New Yorker, Harper's and Esquire. He is the author belong to become classics of the article about Frank Sinatra, Joe Dimadzhio, Dina Martina.
Shelf Award in 1949, awards the University of Long Island. The award received the name in honor of CBS journalist George Regiment killed during the civil war in Greece.

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