Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Former newspaper editor adygeyskoy accused of inciting national hatred.

The former Glavred Adyghe republican newspaper "Zakubane" charged with inciting national hatred, RIA Novosti reported, citing the press service of the UPC Russia in the region. On Saturday, February 28, a journalist was charged under Article 282 part 2 of the Criminal Code (act aimed at inciting hatred and enmity, as well as the dignity of persons group on the basis of nationality, by using the media). He faces up to 5 years imprisonment.
The Agency did not mention the editor of the accused, but the news agency REGNUM informs, that the investigating authorities Adygea prosecutors filed a case against Vladimir Karataeva, which is published in one of the rooms Zakubanya "material containing negative comments against members of non-Russian nationalities, as well as to stir up national hostility. This is the poem "Be a Russian!" Which appeared in "Zakubane" in May 2007.
"The leitmotif of the poem is -" Russian - non-Russian. "Thus, the first endowed with positive characteristics, and the second - negative. Non-Russian attributed negative characteristics: the ability to betrayal, ingratitude, the desire to exploit Russia", - quotes RIA Novosti representatives UPC. Circulation of the newspaper, which published the poem "Be Russian", was 2 thousand copies. According to the investigation, all the territory of Adygea was distributed 896 copies of a number.
Reported that Karataev, who is chairman of the executive committee of the movement "Union of Slavs Adygea, resigned from his post as chief editor of" Zakubanya summer of 2008. The newspaper, which was led by a journalist, is the official publication organ of the movement, in which he is. According to information posted on the official website Zakubanya "," The Union of Slavs Adygea "leads borbu for" interests of the people against lawlessness etnokraticheskih regimes, corrupt officials and zhlobov any nationality. "

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