Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Journalist Oleg Lurye rendered the verdict.

SyuzhetyArest journalist Oleg Lure10.03.2009Lure sentenced to eight years in prison Moscow sentenced a journalist Oleg Lurie, who was accused of extortion of money from Senator Vladimir Slutsker and his wife. As reported by RIA Novosti, the defendant was found guilty and sentenced to eight years imprisonment with serving the sentence in the colony of strict regime.
Also, the convict would have to pay a fine of 200 thousand rubles.
The Director-General of the publishing house Ltd. "Alice Invest", the chief editor and editor Jeans TV VTV Oleg Lurye was arrested in January 2008 on suspicion of extortion. Member of the Federation Council of Russia Vladimir Slutsker and his wife Olga have accused the journalist that he demanded from them 80 thousand dollars for a waiver of the publication of defamatory articles.
Later these articles were published on the Internet, and then Lurie, according to the investigation, demanded money from the senators to ensure that they remove. According to the case, the journalist has received from the spouses Slutsker 11.5 thousand euros, but did not remove compromising.
Lurie had been charged with extortion and fraud. The prosecutor asked for him for eight years, and the court fully approved the request.
A few days before the verdict became known that the effect of the suspect and the journalist of tax evasion. According to law enforcement, property owned by Lurie (in particular, six luxury cars, two apartments and a country house) does not correspond to his official salary.

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