Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lead CNN twice mixed nuts with genitals.

The leading television channel CNN Zeyn Verdzhi (Zain Verjee), double mixed word "peanuts" and "penis" ( "peanuts" and "penis", respectively) while the plot for the sale of nuts to return airline Northwest Airlines , reports Fox News. Unsuccessful Verdzhi story in several versions of hit on YouTube and quickly gained popularity: the plot of nuts to see hundreds of thousands of people.
Lead CNN, in particular, say the following phrase: "Northwest lodge penis start this month ..." and Georgia - the main supplier of penis in the country. " Threaten journalist whether any disciplinary action because of the reservations did not specify.
Note that at Fox News is often the case that naughty reservation. For example, one of the most popular news channel leading Sheppard Smith in November 2002 in the subject of Jennifer Lopez after the phrase "hit your head on the asphalt" made in tune with her in English, the phrase "oral sex" ( "curb job" and "blowjob"), although I must say was the word "party" ( "block party"). Disclaimer Smith became very popular on the Internet, the recording of this story on YouTube and other services to see hundreds of thousands of users.

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