Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Publisher USA Today announced the resignation.

Published by the American newspaper USA Today Craig Moon (Craig A. Moon) from April 17, goes from his post. As reported by AFP, moon notified the staff of the publication with the help of a corporate distribution.
In a farewell letter, he noted that currently, the media were faced with serious challenges because of the recession and the volume of advertising revenue. But 59-year-moon said that is optimistic, as the crisis provides an opportunity to improve business models.
On the reasons for his departure Craig moon is not reported, as well as on future plans. Note Two months ago, left the publication editor Ken Paulson, who now works in the interactive museum of journalism and news in Washington (Newseum).
Craig Moon has collaborated with the owners of USA Today for 23 years. Since 2003, he was the publisher of this newspaper, which is the most sold in the United States.

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