Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reporters without borders "will hold the second day of free speech on the Internet.

International organization Reporters Without Borders has decided to organize a so-called" Day of Freedom of Speech on the Internet, "RIA news. The organizers are going to attract public attention to the fact that in several countries around the world there are strict censorship network. "Day of Freedom of Speech on the Internet" will be held March 12, 2009.
What exactly would be the action "Reporters without borders" is not yet clear. In the past year, representatives of the organization called the Network of users visiting your site, publish a message against censorship. Why, according to Reporters Without Borders, to express views on censorship internetchikam a single day, did not specify.
Note that the "Reporters without Borders published their annual list of" enemies "Network. It appears, in particular, Belarus and Turkmenistan. Perhaps update the list of "enemies of the Internet" will be published in "The Day of the freedom of speech", then there are 12 March 2009.

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