Friday, March 6, 2009

Saratov newspaper go to the "white spots" after the attack on the journalist.

Part of newspapers in the Saratov region, go to the "white spots" on the front, reports RIA Novosti. This will be done to draw public attention to the problem of criminality pressure on journalists, said in a joint statement, the regional branch of the Union of Journalists of Russia and of the principal editors of Saratov media.
The decision was taken after the evening of Thursday, March 5, was attacked by the General Director of the Saratov Joint media "Vision" Vadim Rogozhina. Malefactors attacked him about a dozen blows on the head with sharp objects. Rogozhin had surgery, but is in critical condition. Colleagues attributed the attack to the media profession chapter.
The authors of the statement believe that the assassination was a revenge personally Rogozhin, and challenge to the entire journalistic community. They called upon to deal with criminal structures that attempt to "podmyat under the journalism itself. "The state must be the will and means to make the work of a journalist protected from lawlessness criminals," - said in a statement.
What specifically will the newspaper of "white spots" on the front, and when that happens, информагентство not reported.

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