Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Sport-Express", accused of plagiarism

The newspaper "Sport Express" has accused the Internet Project of plagiarism. The publication asked the Arbitration Court of Moscow demanding to recover from competitors 5 million rubles compensation for unauthorized use of the three articles from the newspaper. The "Sports Today", owns the project, preparing a countersuit.
In dealing with the knowledge of "lawyer" Sport Express "Dmitry Rastokin said that the publication of several months sought by Internet portal termination newspaper copy material without the authors. The talks, argues Rastokin, produced no effect, so the newspaper was forced to go to court to demand maximum compensation for breach of copyright under Russian law.
Co-owner of "Sports Today" Dmitry Navosha told that the claim is an element of competition between the two strongest sports media, "the country. Navosha claims that his portal quoted article, "Sport-Express" in accordance with Russian legislation.
The conflict between the publication began in November last year, when the browser "Sport Express" Helen Wojciechowski accused incorrect in citing material from the newspaper. Wojciechowski stated that the theft of materials is the "policy site". Discontent led to the browser quoting material on the site, with reference to the "Sport-Ekcpress" but without specifying a particular author's material. In addition, the quoted material edition puts a hyperlink to the main page of your site, Sport-Express ", rather than on specific articles.
Then Navosha said in his blog that his edition Correspondent extract from the interview component of the newsletter, do not publish full articles from the newspaper. "If the interview Vaytsehovskoy be published only on its own website or blog, we would be happy to link to them," - said Navosha.
Ibid Navosha said, "Sport-Express" continues to work in a secret, but the immutable prohibition to invoke the competitors. " "To any careful reader ASE is fairly obvious," - argues Navosha.
Head of Online Communications KHL Dmitry Revinsky reported in his blog with a link to Navoshu that, "Sports Today" will file a countersuit against the newspaper.

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