Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The creators of "Igromaniya" crisis magazine release.

Publishing House TehnoMir "will launch a new magazine called" Igromaniya Light. " This "Lente.Ru" said deputy chief editor Igromaniya Igor Varnavsky. The new publication devoted to computer and video games, will be published every two weeks. The cost of a 128-page issue of Igromaniya Light "will not exceed 100 rubles. The new magazine will be the stores are already on 23 April this year.
In the published note that due to a low price "Igromaniya Light" can be seen as a crisis issue. The idea of creating a fall last year, before falling circulations. The new magazine will be available in the A5, but its content is about 70-80 per cent would duplicate the usual "Igromaniya.
Each room is equipped with a new edition with a CD called "fans". Above the "Igromaniya Light" is the same team that created the normal version of the magazine. Circulation of the first issue is 10 thousand copies.
Igor Varnavsky noted that the circulation of the magazine Igromaniya "has dropped from 220-230 thousand to 190 thousand copies. It was expected that in summer it drops further. Added that the magazine Igromaniya "released in 1997. A4-size publication is monthly. The volume of each issue is 256 pages.

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