Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Site URA.ru condemn extremism in the forum.

Rites of Internet news agency URA.Ru could be closed for extremism. This Kommersant daily on Tuesday, 21 April.
According to the publication, in 2008, the Federal Service for Supervision in the sphere of communications and mass communications (Roskomnadzor, former Roskomsvyaznadzor) edition of the agency issued two warnings about the signs of extremism, officials are not detected in the journalistic media, and in the comments of readers to articles on the site.
On Monday, 20 April, the Federal Arbitration Court of Moscow District dismissed a cassation appeal URA.Ru Roskomnadzoru to the illegality of the agency issued warnings for extremism. Previously, such decisions were taken by the court Basmannyj the capital and the Moscow Arbitration Court. According to the Kommersant, now, when the agency lost the case in the last instance, the law on mass media Roskomnadzor have the right to appeal to the court and to the closure of the resource.
According to "Kommersant" URA.Ru owner and editor-in-chief Aqsa Panova, the first extremist message has been left to the reader at a forum in 2008 to the article entitled "April 20, skinheads celebrate the birthday of Hitler's massive attacks on foreigners."
According to Panov, unknown in his message wished the death of the first persons the state, but also enabled a number of racist replicas. Despite the fact that the message has been removed by moderators, it managed to observe the territorial administration Roskomnadzora. According to the audit in June 2008 URA.Ru agency issued a warning. But by this time such reports have appeared in an editorial forum every day. "We are convinced that this was a planned campaign - told the publication Panova. - First, we delete these messages, which contain the same text, but in the end he was seen, and we received a second warning."
Following these events, editorial URA.Ru turned to law enforcement agencies in all regions, where the agency. However, this led only to the fact that the agency began testing, during which the Interior Ministry and FSB officers were looking for signs of extremism in the editorial content. Authors of communications agencies and have not found, despite the fact that the editors provided the IP-addresses of computers from which they were sent, and it would enable them to calculate.
Counsel URA.Ru Andrew Belyansky explained Kommersant that "no court has taken into account that the journalists had nothing to do with the emergence of extremist speech. To prove its correctness, we can only claim obzhaluya Roskomsvyaznadzora on the Elimination of URA.Ru, if Of course, such a claim would be filed. "
With regard to possible action by the Roskomnadzora to close the resource, the press secretary of the Office of Eugene Strelchik said "Kommersant": "Formally, we now have the right to appeal to the court with an application for closure of the media. But it is not automatic. We will see how they react, understand that time gaps or policy publications. After all, such speech must be Moderate and track time. "
Meanwhile, in the editorial worried that the agency and spend on technology, which will close any evil in the media, with Internet-based forum. According to attorney Andrew Belyanskogo edition, expanded by courts interpreting the terms "Internet" and "Forum" may result "to limit the work of all the unwanted media, but on this technology URA.Ru just worked."

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